A General Store for Grown-up Things

Vancouver’s West End is a destination for tourists from around the world. Spectacular beaches, walks along the seawall, world-class shopping and restaurants. Proudly, the neighbourhood also draws folks from all points on the globe to Little Sister’s Book and Art Emporium on Davie Street. A pioneer in LGBTQ+2 freedom, as well as a beloved source of niche-specific clothing and wellness products, Little Sister’s store is honoured to have City of Vancouver Queer Heritage designation.

A Global Treasure in the Neighbourhood

Recently, we touched base with Don Wilson, owner of Little Sister’s, and he explained more. “For ten years, Little Sister’s fought a battle for the queer community. We won our case in the Supreme Court of Canada. As a result, we have a global customer base and fan-club that has kept growing over the years. Our customers range from 18 to 80 years old, married, single, bi-sexual, gay, lesbian, male, female, trans. Inclusivity is the heartbeat of our business model and always has been,” Wilson said.

For their loyal customer base, Little Sister’s carries a broad inventory around the theme of “a general store for grown ups.” Tucked into the back of a breezeway off busy Davie Street, customers enjoy a welcoming atmosphere and staff who are knowledgeable about the items they carry. Clothing, wellness products, books — if there is an item that will enhance your sex life, Little Sister’s carries it.

Positive Sexual Health & Wellness Products

“We carry a large inventory of adult sex novelty items, especially for the gay, lesbian, trans and bi community. But there’s something in our store for everyone,” Wilson explained. “Pride items, games, massage oils, we have everything you’ve heard about and some things you might not have tried out yet.”

Wilson went on, “We have clothing specifically for male, female, and trans folks. Everything from t-shirts and socks to underwear, hosiery, and body suits. And lots of our customers come in for our book selection. We carry sex technique books, colouring books, erotica — and we have a used-book section where we accept donated books for re-sale. Little Sister’s then donates the used-book proceeds to two local LGBTQ+2 charities in our community.”

Building Knowledge and Acceptance for Everyone

Stop in at the store, between Jervis and Bute, at the top of the hill on Davie Street in Vancouver’s West End. Meet Don and his staff in a friendly, relaxed, and nonjudgmental environment where wellness in all aspects of our lives is encouraged and celebrated. Pick up an inspiring read for the beach, or an outfit to spice up the weekend.

With free parking behind the store and a well-lit atmosphere that takes the stress out of shopping, Little’s Sisters Book and Art Emporium has something new for everyone. Stock up on everything pride where everyone is welcome. Come in and learn more about setting the mood for your unique style of adult play.

Connect with Little Sisters on social media or visit their website.