Every April, the Capture Photography Festival brings the best and brightest photography-based artwork to places and spaces around Vancouver. This year, the Listel Hotel Vancouver (1300 Robson Street) exhibited “Out Of Studio” by Torrie Groening presented in partnership with Art Rental & Sales at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Before the festival closed, we sent photographer Alison Boulier to meet the artist and document the exhibit.

“Staged still life compositions of travel studios, real and fabricated, reference borrowed locations and use the artist’s tools and artworks as props.”

“Among the locations depicted are temporary studios set up alongside moss-clad gargoyles at the Vancouver Hotel, a Strathcona alley view to the city centre, an impromptu watercolor studio set up inside a San Francisco conservatory, and now another unique location—the Listel Hotel during the 2017 Capture Photography Festival.”

Torrie Groening at The Listel Hotel Vancouver, April 2017.

Be sure to stop by the lobby of the Listel Hotel and check it out while you still can.

Photography: Alison Boulier