For our fifth day of WEBIA’s 12 Days of Holidays feature campaign, we are focusing on one of our new businesses that recently celebrated a fantastic milestone and gives back so much to our community, Ofra’s Kitchen!

Ofra’s Kitchen only celebrated their first birthday yesterday, but in one year this local hidden gem has made a huge impact in the West End, especially considering the year that was 2020. Owner Ofra Sixto has fully embraced the local community (and they did in return), whipping up delicious vegetarian Middle Eastern favourites with a big smile, and always with a moment to chat about your day.

30 years ago, Ofra immigrated from Israel to Canada, calling Vancouver home. Although she loved her new city, her palate craved the taste of Israeli delights she couldn’t seem to find anywhere: crunchy falafel, creamy hummus, mouth watering shakshuka, and other dishes from her home.

After many years of being a business owner in a different sector, Ofra decided that it was time to dive into her lifelong dream of opening a restaurant. One year ago, in Dec 2019, she opened her first restaurant, Ofra’s Kitchen, named after her own story, saying “People will come to my home, my kitchen and share the food I make”.

Ofra has also focused on helping others through her business, donating over 2,000 meals to those in need through her Get-A-Soup, Give-a-Soup program. This helps provide tasty soup, salad and pita to people in the West End and the Downtown Eastside.

As she hoped from the beginning, Ofra’s now acts as the proverbial kitchen of the West End, combining community and great food, serving as a local gathering space for locals, visitors and other neighbourhood business owners.

Stop in today or order up some take-out/delivery today for a taste of Isreal, made from fresh, authentic ingredients hand-picked with love.

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Find them at:
Address | 1088 Denman Street
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