For our next 12 Days of Holidays business feature, we are focusing on a local West End favourite that always delivers the most delicious, authentic breakfast treats straight from Belgium, Nero Waffles.

Founded in 2012 by Jan and Eilnaz Dierckx, a young Belgian couple that fell in love with Vancouver and chose to settle down here, bringing with them a tasty Belgian specialty- waffles! Both Jan and Eilnaz had experience working in the hospitality and tourism industries back in Belgium, ensuring that Nero combines impeccable service with a welcoming atmosphere along with their famous waffles. Nero now serves up both Brussels and Liege waffles complete with a variety of sweet or savoury toppings at two locations in Downtown Vancouver, including on our very own Robson Street.

Small in size, but big in terms of popularity among locals and tourists, Nero’s waffles are made in-house, with love, and from scratch using fresh, local ingredients that are complemented with specialty elements straight from Belgium. No preservatives, artificial colourings or flavours are used and batches are baked throughout the day to guarantee freshness. Jan and Eilnaz even imported special waffle irons to ensure that every bite was made authentically.

Difference between Brussels & Liège waffles

Brussels waffle
Nero’s Brussels waffles are prepared with an egg white and yeast leavened batter. Cooked in special cast iron waffle irons at high temperature, these waffles turn out light and crisp. The batter itself is unsweetened which makes the Brussels waffle perfect for sweet and savoury toppings.

Liège waffle
Liège waffles originate from the south of Belgium. They are made from a brioche like dough with chunks of pearl sugar incorporated into it. These sugar pearls caramelize when baked at the right temperature in the cast iron waffle iron. This waffle is soft, sweet and chewy.

The Nero team always ensures that their waffles are paired with exceptional service, ensuring every Nero experience is truly memorable. So whether it’s a delicious takeaway box for the holiday mornings or dining-in to celebrate the last week of 2020, Nero is dedicated to creating a welcoming experience with a personal feel.

WEBIA Menu Recommendations

  • Mini Liège waffles (seasonal flavours) – box of 7 or 21
  • Heaven waffle – Nero Classic
  • Mocha waffle – Nero Classic
  • Brussels Benny
  • Smashed Avocado brunch

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Find them at:
Address | 1703 Robson Street
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