The Lumiere Festival Vancouver Society (LFVS) is looking for three (3) to five (5) public art pieces/exhibits to be installed and showcased starting December 1, 2017. Art would be displayed in the West End for up to 2 weeks (or longer depending on the design) in early December and showcased alongside a launch event and a series of street activations. The public artwork, which should be light-based, will also thoughtfully respond to the context of its site location, the West End community and Vancouver.



  • The total exhibition budget is up to $25,000, including artist fees, materials, permitting, and electrical consulting.  The artist fee will be dependent on the proposed design and number of art pieces commissioned by the Curator.
  • Concepts can incorporate part or the entire budget depending on the vision.



The selected artist(s) will be responsible for leading the design process which includes, but is not limited to, leading the design process, laying out template(s), ensuring that templates are correct, organizing volunteers (if applicable), enlisting any assistant artists, ensuring the design meets the guidelines set by certified electrical engineer at the City of Vancouver, and completing the work within 10 weeks in the fall of 2017.



The art will be displayed primarily in the public realm in the West End of Vancouver. Two main spaces utilized for Lumiere in the past include English Bay/Morton Park and Jim Deva Plaza. The plaza will include a 20’ x 60’ tent in 2017 which will be erected for 2+ weeks starting November 30.  Other spaces of note include Celebrities Nightclub basement, Alexandra Park, West End Community Centre, and the Davie Village Community Garden.

Light installations in interiorized spaces within shipping containers are welcome.



The Lumiere Festival Vancouver Society (LFVS) was incorporated in 2014 to create a new artistic event for Vancouver that would celebrate and showcase art and light during the winter. The society wanted to inspire residents and visitors with a public exhibition of art that played with the concept of light. By establishing an artistic light event in the winter the society hoped to take advantage of the long, dark evenings as a time for people to reconnect with public spaces and with each other.

In 2014, the LFVS partnered with the West End Business Improvement Association (WEBIA) who had been actively working since 2012 on a decorative lighting vision for the West End in conjunction with the City of Vancouver (CoV) through the West End Community Plan. In addition, the Illuminating Engineering Society of BC supported the event financially and its ‘Young Professionals Working Group’ committed to creating new lighting features each year in the Davie Village Community Garden adjacent to St. Paul’s Hospital.

In 2015, MK Illumination joined the event as a partner and sponsored a significant lighting feature at English Bay. In 2016, the LFVS was successful in securing a Community Art Boost Grant to help it evolve from its early years as a lighting event toward a ‘true’ art event. This was facilitated in part by working with the Burrard Arts Foundation. Also in 2016, the LFVS added the Vancouver Pride Society as a partner to provide needed event management capacity. This was clearly the most successful year to date.

The goal is to continue to evolve Lumiere as an artistic event that brings together art, light and community.



All art concepts will in some way have an illumination component and if selected may require certification from a qualified electrical contractor and approved by City of Vancouver engineering before being displayed in the public realm. Guidance will be provided from the Lumiere team, Curator and city staff.



Please provide the following within a PDF file:

  • A write up that summarizes your concept. Up to 500 words that touches on your interest in working with light as part of a new winter art event and any relevant electrical experience;
  • An artwork proposal with at least high-level technical details;
  • Examples of art works (up to 10 images), preferably of past works or installations involving illumination, and/or art programs you’ve been involved with over the past three (3) years; and
  • A c.v. or biography (up to 2 pages).

Deadline for proposals is 1PM, August 31, 2017.

Applications should be submitted to Jamie Hughes at j.hughes@westendbia.com  with this subject line: LUMIERE ART PROJECT and your name.




Proposals will be reviewed and selected by Lumiere Curator Wil Aballe. Selection will be based on experience, qualifications, the strength of the artist concept, the technical ability to work with light/illumination and evidence of their ability to complete the proposed project within 10 weeks.



Jamie Hughes

Promotions & Events Coordinator

West End Business Improvement Association

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Tel: 604-696-0144



Website:         www.westendbia.com/lumiere

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