Recently, the West End BIA had the chance to connect with with Evann and Armin of Fit Camp Foods (1107 Davie Street) to discuss their vision to bring healthy whole food, fast service and balanced eating to the West End.

What do we need to know about Fit Camp Foods?

Fit Camp Foods is your neighbourhood health food store that specializes in prepared meals. We carry a range of meal offerings varying from paleo to vegan options. Every meal is carefully prepared on site with whole ingredients. We make almost everything from scratch including all sauces and dressings.

We want people to enjoy eating healthy. We want them to come here to grab their favourite dishes because they love the food… The fact that the meals are healthy is just a bonus!

Our slogan, “eat better. better eat.” comes from the idea that when you eat a whole food diet, you can enjoy your meal, eat until your full and not count a single number.

Where did the name Fit Camp Foods come from?

Fit Camp came from our sister-in-law actually! We all sat around and played with words, alliterations, word games, pages and pages of scribbling after days of debate, Fit Camp was something we couldn’t get out of our heads. The reason we loved the name was that it wasn’t to specific. Of course, it has the obvious health connotation, but it’s also open to other ideas. Food has always been a passion, but so has health and fitness.

The name Fit Camp gives us the ability to grow a brand that’s capable of expansion in other areas. We want Fit Camp to be about all things health and wellness. Sure, food will always be at the heart of it, but that’s just not enough for us. We want Fit Camp to be a lifestyle. We want it to carry into many areas of our lives and hopefully all of yours as well!

What do you love most about being a part of the West End's business community?

We love the West End! We live here. We work here. Evann has lived in the West end for the past 6 years, Armin the last 2 years. The neighbourhood is very health conscious. West Enders care about their well being and their community.

When we opened our doors this past October, we had several West End business owners come by the shop to welcome us to the neighbourhood. We have made friends of other business owners in the area. There is a level of support that we received here that I’m not sure we would have in other areas.

It’s always a bonus that our walk home is under ten minutes too. In other words, we wouldn’t want to be in any other area!

What's next for Fit Camp Foods?

There’s lots of exciting things in store for Fit Camp Foods in the coming months! ¬†We are currently working with a nutritionist to get detailed labelling on all of our products. While we believe that if you eat whole foods you don’t need to count calories, we do understand the need for some to count calories and or macrobiotics.

We’re also planning to launch smoothies this spring. This summer, we will be working with one of our personal trainer friends to set up boot camps in the West End area.

We love and enjoy the Fit Camp lifestyle and hope to introduce a culture that all West Enders and eventually Vancouverites can benefit from.

For more on Fit Camp Foods, check out their website or follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Photography: Alison Boulier for the West End BIA