West End Walkabout
with Katherine Krampol

Hi West Enders!

I’m Katherine Krampol of Single Line Theatre, here to show you around the West End this lovely autumn week. The West End has been my enchanting home for over three years now and I’m looking forward to sharing some of my favourite sights and quirky finds with you!

10:00am Robson and Bidwell

Found these stunning red anemones at the Windsor Market on Robson. Mother Nature, you are my favourite artist.

11:15am Denman and Pendrell

With Halloween just around the corner, putting together a wicked costume is a top priority. If you are on the hunt, Kimprints Custom Framing & Gifts has a selection of hilarious and gruesome masks to choose from. My model here is sporting the Elvis forehead, but there are many more to choose from including the Bowie forehead – my personal favourite.

11:45am Denman and Davie

My goodness! Celebrating the work day halfway mark with a sweet treat from Cupcakes. This beautiful autumn day is now complete.

2:30pm Davie and Bute

Many afternoons have been spent combing Garden Health‘s shelves in fascination and getting a real education from staff and Susan, the lovely owner. Essential oils, tinctures, natural food products, loose teas, vitamins galore. Nourishing and peaceful atmosphere. I feel healthier just being there!

4:15pm Davie and Bute

Where to next? How about the European Delicatessen on Davie and Bute. I usually load up on the ingredients that inspire me to get creative and cook: cardamon, cinnamon, rose water, saffron. I also discovered they sell whole wheat pizza dough! Perfect when I need to cut a couple corners on a rainy evening.

5:30pm Denman and Nelson

For the exotic nuts and seeds connoisseur, Ayoub’s Dried Fruits & Nuts is an eye bedazzling paradise. So many shiny pods, so many flavours to choose from! I recommend the lime & saffron cashews – perfect way to spice up your salads.


At night, the storefront lighting on Denman reminds me of a futuristic sci-fi movie, something Ridley Scott might dream up. And then there’s that giant, unblinking eye staring out of English Bay Eyeworx. I wonder what it’s thinking?

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