Now that the holiday season is over, we can tell you about our exciting new partnership with Tangoo and a number of the West End’s best restaurants. Tangoo is a free iOS app that matches your mood to the perfect restaurant experience. Discover trending lists curated by local celebrities and experts and redeem complimentary food and drink rewards at select best-in-class places.

Looking for a patio on Robson Street that your favourite Instagrammers recommend? Try Tangoo. Have a large group of friends and wanting to grab nachos somewhere in the Davie Village? Try Tangoo.

Over the next two months, the West End BIA will be profiling some of the West End’s best-kept dining secrets on our blog and social media tools. Tangoo will sweeten the deal by connecting you with some great perks and incentives to get you trying some local restaurants you might not have had the chance to check out yet.

So stay tuned! Restaurants are just a click away and you can win some great rewards.

Viewing this on your mobile device? You can download the Tangoo App here.

Photo credit: Nelson Mouellic for Timber.