Happy International Women’s Day! We have an incredible community of female-led businesses here in the West End, so please join us in recognizing and celebrating their important contributions not just today, but every day! Be sure to follow along this month as we shine a light on the amazing women behind the businesses of the West End.

Sherri Zarandooz – Papparoti Cafe

The idea of starting this concept started from Owner Sherri’s travels and enjoying this coffee caramel bun abroad. The idea of bringing this yummy dessert while also creating a cozy space in which people can gather and socialize over great coffee and pastries was the inspiration that brought about Papparoti Cafe.  Sherri believed/hoped that Papparoti would be a great addition to the West End Community, and we are grateful to say that they have been more than happy serving this community for over 8 years and we plan on continuing to do so for many years to come.

Kerri Jones – Peaked Pies

Kerri knew she had to create a place for every Aussie to be able to come and get a taste of home and for those who had only heard of these amazing things called Meat Pies could try for themselves.

Sonia Zebadua and Nilka Garcia – Cardero Cafe & Mi Tierra Latina

Created with love to their Latin roots, they want to bring you Latin America BITE BY BITE. They have a great variety of Latin products from Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and more!

Ofra Sixto – Ofra’s Kitchen

Discover the unique flavours of Authentic Israeli food and other Middle Eastern dishes at Ofra’s Kitchen. Ofra’s specializes in Vegetarian/Vega​n dishes found in traditional Middle Eastern cuisine.

Lisa Arthurs – The Quick Nickel Clothing Company

With a near constant arrival of clothing for both men and women, The Quick Nickel have been the go-to boutique for the fashion (and budget) savvy residents of the West End…and throughout all of Vancouver, for that matter.

And though many styles have come and gone since they first opened their doors – since 1989 – there’s one thing that has remained in fashion and that is their promise to always offer labels for less.

Eilnaz Dierckx – Nero Waffle Bar

Eilnaz and Jan, a young Belgian couple, fell in love with Vancouver and moved here, bringing with them a Belgian specialty, waffles!