Does the thought of filing your taxes fill you with dread? We hear you. This tax season, we recommend checking out some of the friendly accountants in the West End when undertaking this tiresome task.

Although some may opt for filing them personally, we think that accountants are able to remove the headaches and smooth over what can be a frustrating experience. An accountant is able to crunch the numbers and prepare the best possible return for you, while you’re able to kick back and relax. Not only that, but accountants are taxation experts and will be able to make the most of the system and calculations with absolutely zero brainpower used on your end!

Accountants¬†will file and prepare all of your taxes for you. You simply bring your data and the accountant completes the calculations. That said, you will still need to understand the deductions you’re filing in the event of an audit. Even though hiring an accountant may cost more upfront, there is a strong possibility that they will save you more money than if you attempt the DIY route.

With the 2015 tax deadline approaching (April 30), get in contact with any of the fine folks at Gohren & Associates, Accountax, All Year Tax & Accounting, F.A.S.T Accounting Services, or David R. Moorhouse. Then you can quit worrying, and spend all of that hard earned money on a nice meal out or a shopping spree!