The City of Vancouver are making some improvements to the Jim Deva Plaza.

Speaker’s Corner (the Megaphone) will be temporarily removed from the plaza for repair and restoration work. The Megaphone will be reinstalled in its original place after completion of the repairs.

Thank you for your patience.

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Why is the megaphone being removed?

The Megaphone is being removed so the City can undertake repair and restoration work to the Megaphone, which was significantly impacted by ongoing damage, degradation and weathering from the elements. A conservator assessed the condition of the Megaphone and identified a range of repair needs which the City is now undertaking.

Is the Megaphone coming back to the plaza?

Yes! Once the restoration work is complete, the Megaphone will be replaced in the plaza.

Why can’t the work be done in the plaza?

The repairs require extensive treatment and remediation involving paint, debris, rust, coating materials etc which must be removed and re-applied. This type of work is very messy and not possible outside of a controlled repair facility with appropriate ventilation and material management capacity.

How long will the repairs take?

The City is working with the original designers to repair and make minor improvements to the design so it is less susceptible to water and debris build up, and updating the maintenance directions so the Megaphone is well cared for going forward. This work is ongoing and will take at least a few months.