Mexican Street-Food Storefront on Davie

In sunny Mexico, ending the day at a street-side vendor for fresh tamales and Tostiloco is a way of life. Here, we can experience the same taste bud sensations with friends at the new street-food snack storefront on Davie Street, Al Chile.

Located just west of the corner of Davie Street and Jervis, Al Chile opened recently to offer all of Vancouver a taste of home from Mexico. With street-food classics from all of Mexico’s diverse regions, Al Chile is a grocery store, café, casual restaurant, and a place to find favourites like Michoacana-style paletas, fresas con crema, mangonada, and choco-bananas.

Born Out of Homesickness for the Best of Mexican Tastes

The Mexican diaspora in Vancouver didn’t have a spot for the flavours and neighbourhood congeniality of street snack vendors. Providing such a beloved cultural component of their homeland was an opportunity owners, Aleydis Nuñez and Edgar Sierra, couldn’t ignore.

We spoke with Nuñez recently about Al Chile’s expanding menu and grocery selection. “We have bar seating in the store that many people in the neighbourhood don’t know about. When we first opened, we were figuring out how to import all the best foods we remembered. We established our grocery selection first, then opened our snack menu and restaurant seating. We have the perfect, low-key, great-vibe place to get authentic Mexican favourites on the way home from work or for an evening gathering with friends,” Nuñez explained.

“We specialize in things that are quick-to-eat. Chicken or pineapple-strawberry tamales. Or our popular red and green tamales. We use fresh white corn from Mexico when we cook up our cream, mayo, cheese, salsa, and lime on Mexican chips — called Tostiesquite or Tostiloco — with custom toppings like spicy candies, fresh cucumber, jicama, chamoy, Clamato, and cueritos. You can’t do street-food without Mexican organic coffee, straight from Oaxaca, brewed with cinnamon, anise, cloves, and cane sugar.”

Grocery Items, Snacks & Dinners, Fresh Produce

There’s a Mexican energy in the storefront that exudes warmth and the feeling of home. The name “Al Chile” comes from a slang expression that calls back to getting it right, getting it real. The flavours, the brands, the fresh ingredients, even the music spills out, calling the Mexican ex-pat community and all West End neighbours to catch the spirit.

“Street-food vendors are part of our everyday life in Mexico. I wanted to bring that spirit, plus the great flavour combinations we love and miss, right here to the streets of Vancouver,” Nuñez told us.

Al Chile for Sweet, Savory, Spicy Snacks & a Party Pinata, Too

Plan a stroll around the Davie Village shopping area and stop in for mid-day snacks or dinner at Vancouver’s Mexican street-food hub at Al Chile. Located at 1340 Davie Street, they have a seat waiting for you, a delicious coffee with your name on it, and the fresh tastes and feeling you remember from sublime evenings with friends in Mexico.

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