Detroit-Style Pizza in Vancouver’s West End

If you’ve had a slice, you know the difference. Deep-dish pizza with crispy cheese crusting deliciously at the edges. It’s Detroit’s unique “blue steel” pizza pans that give the perfect double-baked goodness to all your favourite pizza toppings.

How can you tell that a pizza place is Detroit-style, you ask? Easy-peasy…. the Sicilian origins of Detroit’s stand-out pizza means it’s served in square-cut slices!

Vancouver Demands the Same Taste, Square & Round

We spoke with Ahmed Sarbeland, store manager at City Square Pizza, Vancouver’s popular Detroit-Sicilian artisanal pizza shop. “We’re definitely a ‘neighbourhood favourite’ and we’ve worked hard to serve our customers who live and party along the Davie Village strip. We’re open 7 days a week, most of them well into the early morning hours,” Sarbeland explained.

“We’ve developed a loyal following, that’s for sure. We were happy to provide a recent UBC student organization a donation of gift cards for their program’s graduates. They came to us because they knew how much their students raved about City Square Pizza’s great taste and value! Recently, so many of our customers wanted our special taste in the typical wedge-slice cut, we’ve added round pizzas to our signature square shape,” Sarbeland continued.

Crispy Crust, Airy Middle, Piled High with Toppings & Cheese

“The secret to our great taste is more than just the double-baking of our crusts and the amazing cheese crisp that forms because of our custom pizza sheets. Our ingredients come from the farm, not a can. We make our tomato sauce from scratch with fresh onion, garlic, and basil. We cook our sauce and that’s a step that factory-produced pizza places don’t even try to match. It sets our taste a whole level above.”

Sarbeland went on to explain, “We have all the favourites — Pepperoni, Hawaiian, Meat Lovers, Vegetarian, even Vegan Cheese. But there’s also our Cotto (figs, honey drizzle, fior di latte, parmigiano reggiano), Mexican Chicken (with roasted poblano peppers and red onion), or Smoked Salmon (cream cheese, capers, dill chives, arugula) — these are our signature specials.”

Happy Customers for a Great Neighbourhood Vibe

The warm, fun spirit of the City Square staff spills out into the community. Being close to Celebs Nightclub at Burrard and Davie means the restaurant is right where everything’s happening. Customers come from near and far for hearty slices and piled-high toppings. One Detroit-square slice is as filling as two typical round slices.

Plan a trip to the beach and pick up Detroit-style squares on the way at 1112 Davie Street. Or, end a day at Stanley Park with friends, sharing a Neapolitan pizza. If you’re leaving the nightclub scene on Davie and it’s after midnight, you know City Square Pizza will have the meal you need to complete a night of fun. Every day, the staff is up early making fresh dough — because they know you’ll be back again!