Fusion Taste Expansion in the West End

For almost fifteen years, a jewel of a restaurant on Denman Street has offered delicious Korean dishes with a twist. Damso Modern Korean Cuisine continues to cook up a fusion storm at their flagship location. Now, their new spot around the corner on Robson Street, highlights a late-evening menu and exciting tastes, too.

Expanded Menu at Second Location

We stopped in to talk to Jones Chan, co-owner of both Damso locations, to find out why their menu’s popularity has pushed them to expand. “Damso was popular and doing well before my business partner and I took over, but our goal was to push the menu out in the way our customers are demanding. We’re keeping all of our popular dishes and adding new menu items — always with our Damso twist.”

Chan went on, “Our customers have been asking for later hours in the evening and our new, second location has a seafood-focused menu to complement our meat-based offerings at our Denman location. Denman Damso has a more authentic, traditional, cozy-Korean restaurant feel, while the new location has a modern Korean vibe. At Bada Damso Robson, the lights and music set a certain kind of feeling for drinks and late-night food with friends.”

Western Cuisine Techniques with Korean Taste

Damso is famous for its all-you-can-eat menu featuring pork belly and short ribs, among other entrée choices. “We use a special cooking technique called sous-vide. It’s a bit unusual for Korean dishes, but the fusion-combination means our meat dishes are exceptionally tender, moist, and flavourful. Our new location has a menu focused on seafood, so we chose that theme for a new twist on our beloved Damso name. On Robson, we’re Bada by Damso — signifying our seafood menu and the popularity of late-night spots close to the ocean in Korea,” Chan explained.

With a menu including Korean Fried Chicken, Bulgogi bowls, kimchi cheese fries, mandu dumplings, and signature Korean tacos (a fusion of Mexican taco shells and thinly-sliced beef soaked in Damso’s proprietary spicy gochugang sauce), there’s something for everyone.

“Vancouver’s so multicultural and the West End is a diverse community. We love bringing food flavours together to surprise our customers with delicious new taste combinations straight from our brilliant chef. We have customers who come a long way for our special cold noodle chicken or our outstanding kimchi soup,” Chan said.

Plan an English Bay Visit with Korean Flavours

Both Damso locations are a short walk from Lost Lagoon, Stanley Park, the Coal Harbour Seawall, and, a few blocks to the south, English Bay’s Laughing Sculptures. Make a plan with friends and visit Damso’s new seafood-focused spot for a late-evening, Korean treat. Sit back with Yuzu Lemonade or on-tap Asahi. Damso‘s twist on Korean fusion will have you coming back again!