Strength Training with Professionals Who Care

Denman Athletics quietly opened their gym at the height of the pandemic with the goal of promoting strength training in their West End community. As a core value, Denman Athletics focuses on strength training for everyone. The story of our body’s health is told through our muscle strength. By leveraging professional knowledge, combined with a practical plan for implementation, gym participation maximizes body and mind wellness.

The gym is conveniently located on the second floor at 911 Denman, across from King George High School at Barclay Street. Gym regulars range from professional athletes to neighbourhood residents combatting at-home office sedentary lifestyles, and grandparents looking to stay in their prime.

Personal Trainers Know Each Gym Member by Name

We caught up with Denman Athletics’ owner, Aimee Doherty, recently and asked her about strength and personal training in their family-atmosphere gym. “We’re the best kept secret in the West End,” Doherty said. “What sets us apart is our focus on form and the individual teaching attention we give to our clients. We want our clients to understand the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the compound exercises our trainers design. Our approach gives each client the confidence to have a great workout, every time.”

Denman Athletics’ experienced and certified personal trainers work with clients to achieve individual strength and body composition goals. “We understand coming into a gym can be intimidating, even when you want to start working on becoming your best-self physically and mentally. At Denman Athletics, we provide a welcoming, safe, and inclusive environment,” Doherty explained. “Everyone starts with a one-on-one, initial session with an expert coach, so we can get a clear understanding of what the client wants to achieve. We get to know our clients individually for optimal success as they accomplish their workout goals.”

Scientific Precision with Friend-to-Friend Encouragement

Before clients participate in the gym’s small group classes or come for an independent workout, there is a body assessment and equipment orientation session. An InBody scan provides specific information on body composition, strength and weakness pinpointing, skeletal mass versus body fat factors, and even body water retention information.

With this data in-hand, Denman Athletics’ coaches create a program that incorporates goals and individual lifestyle-workout balance. Having coaching input provides accountability, support, and structure for targeted strength-building success.

It’s Never Too Late to Get Stronger

Stop by the gym today to see the equipment and talk to the staff. Denman Athletics’ tight team of professionals looks forward to meeting new folks who may not have thought a neighbourhood gym could be such a friendly place.

Strength training benefits all age groups and is effective for women wanting to fight back at aging while adding lean muscle mass and building stronger bones. Good health starts at the gym and the benefits – including new friends, socialization and purpose, and increased strength capacity – quickly provide tangible rewards.

Connect with Denman Athletics on social media or visit their website.