Word-of-Mouth Bakery Delight

When the pandemic sent everyone home, corporate meetings and family gatherings stopped suddenly. For two Vancouver pastry chefs with a reputation for deliciousness, the pent-up demand from long-time customers lead to a brand-new location in the West End.

Unni Pastries at 1773 Robson Street (close to Denman Street and Stanley Park) was born out of demand. Their loyal customers were thrilled to get back to the delicious Korean and Canadian bakery tastes they’d known for years.

Cakes and Scrumptious Donuts Make the Day Sunny

Unni Pastries’ owner and pastry chef, Esther Lee, explained how a Korean-inspired bakery, café, and event catering business found a home in Vancouver’s vibrant West End section of Robson. “We were getting requests for our delicious bakery items, after the catering industry turned upside-down. One thing lead to another and we outgrew the commissary kitchen we’d set up shop in,” Lee explained.

“Our café location is perfect for locals looking for a light treat and a cup of coffee. Our customers want something that is made with the best ingredients and not overly sweet. Although we have many Canadian favourites, including donuts, tarts, cookies, and quiche, it’s our Korean-inspired cakes and dessert gift boxes that make our menu stand out.”

Warm Feelings of Goodness, One Delicious Bite at a Time

Lee went on to say, “There’s such a special feeling to opening one of our delivered gift boxes. You peek in and find our fluffy dacquoise or our rainbow donuts with their bright colors, real cream, and fresh fruit. We have corporate clients who bring in weekly treats for their staff or send thank you gift boxes to their customers. Everyone appreciates a fresh pastry created by chefs who really care about texture and taste. We’re bypassing all of the unsatisfying sweetness of factory-produced desserts. Here at Unni, it’s about having a feeling of delicious, surprising, flavourful excellence.”

In the evenings, the Robson Street café is open late for a cup of tea and brioche donut from the selection of popular flavours: strawberry, mango, blueberry, cheesecake, matcha cream, or chocolate caramel. We asked Lee about Unni’s famous Earl Grey Cream flavour combination.

Lee explained, “We have a Flower Buttercream Cake that features the same infused Earl Grey concentrate as our popular donut flavour. Our cakes are light and delicious. They’re a deeply satisfying ‘wow’ that creates an amazing pause in your day. Our desserts are a stress-free, impressive feature for gatherings with friends, family, or business associates. Beautiful food builds memories of comfort and happiness.”

Stop In for a Cream-Filled Donut Like No Other

Afternoon high-tea is on the menu, whether in-person at Unni Pastries’ café seating or with a delivered gift-box. Their boxes-to-go are perfect for a Stanley Park picnic. Pair sweet confections with a cheese and charcuterie board from their menu.

Whatever your occasion, your day will be sunnier if you plan a coffee and a bite with Unni Pastries.