STRUT your stuff at Sunset Beach in the Foundation of Hope’s first community fundraiser. On June 6, 2015, join this 1-mile walk in stiletto shoes to raise funds and awareness for LGBT+ people around the world.

Homosexuality is still a criminal offence in 79 countries worldwide and punishable by death in 10. The Foundation of Hope feels that freedom of expression should include gender non-conformity like men wearing makeup, women in men’s clothing, androgyny, and of course men in high-heeled shoes. Flouting gender norms is a symbol of power and resistance in the LGBT+ community: the freedom to do, act, wear, say or be who they wish without fear of persecution.

“STRUT is our community’s chance to show how open and accepting we truly are,” said Rob Easton, Director at Large for the Foundation of Hope. “We want to make Canada a more accepting place for LGBT+ refugees by giving money to people who can provide housing, legal supports, casework, you name it, to some of the most potentially vulnerable people in society.”

On Saturday, March 28, join Symone Says at The Junction Pub for the official pledge-a-thon campaign launch. Get and out show your support to this fantastic community initiative!