As we watch news and footage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine with heavy hearts, many of us may want to show support to the local Ukrainian community in Vancouver.

One way to show support is to visit a Ukrainian restaurant and get to know the country through its cuisine.

Ukrainian Village

The West End is fortunate enough to be home to Ukrainian Village, located at 815 Denman Street. Stop by and try a few of their famous dishes such as borscht, perogies, cabbage rolls, and much more.


Try the The Ukrainian Borscht Burger at Buckstop located at 833 Denman Street. The burger will cost $10, and $8 dollars (or however much you choose to donate) of each burger sold will be donated to the Ukrainian Humanitarian Relief Charity.

Buy a burger and be a hero. Enjoy this special until the end of the week.

Other Ways to Support Ukraine from Canada

Médecins sans frontières (Doctors Without Borders): The international medical aid organization is currently preparing to provide emergency assistance in Ukraine.

The Canada-Ukraine Foundation: A Canadian foundation that coordinates Canadian assistance and projects for Ukraine.

Voices of Children: A Ukrainian organization that provides psychological support to children affected and traumatized by the conflict.

Razom for Ukraine: A volunteer-led organization providing medical supplies and amplifying Ukrainian voices.

Revived Soldiers Ukraine: A non-profit funding medical rehabilitation for soldiers and support for their families.

OutRight International: An international organization helping local LGBTQ+ organizations provide shelter and support to Ukraine’s queer and trans communities.