As we enter summer (finally!), we hope that everyone takes some time to re-discover the exciting streets and hidden lanes of our West End and all they have to offer. In order to help you learn more about the lane-ways in our neighbourhood in a new way, we will be collaborating with Small Stage, a local production company focusing on creating dance and art in unexpected places.

Starting on July 15, we’ll be sharing two new dance videos each week, all filmed in the lane-ways that criss-cross the West End. We’ll feature accompanying blogs focused on the amazing people who the lanes are named after, and their lasting contributions to our community that led to them being honored in this fashion.

Additionally, we’ll also be highlighting local businesses that surround these lanes, giving you options for new restaurants and shops to visit while you explore. There will even be a contest or two for you to enter for the chance to win great prizes from the small businesses here in the West End.

Although this summer may not be what we originally planned for, we hope that this new campaign, #WEAre Re-Discovering, can help provide a bit of knowledge into our history, while offering you the chance to enjoy the beautiful weather and re-discover your love for the West End safely.